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The Sovereign American

The Sovereign American

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One Citizen, standing beside another, who is standing beside another..... and a Nation built upon their concerted wishes, according to all of their combined and compromised demands, as represented by those they elect to represent them: This is America as it was designed.

There is no other Nation, in the history of Man, built and maintained on this thought. The Sovereignty of the Individual Citizen, is the true foundation of this republic.

The Sovereign American is still unique. We Americans declared that our individual liberty AND individual power to exercise our personal choices in life are both supreme over any other power, including any level of government or person we put in power.

Our Founding Fathers declared our individual sovereignty at the very birth of America. Maintaining this individual freedom is the duty of each citizen. How well we keep our claim will determine the viability of America as the greatest Nation in the history of Man.

A sovereign citizen must defend his or her own sovereignty by his or her individual actions. We cannot delegate this unique responsibility. We cannot ask others to keep our personal freedom for us. We must each do this for ourselves by gathering with like minded citizens and making our demands clear to our representatives anytime we see a threat. If we fail in this duty, the result can be devastating to our freedom, our liberty to choose for ourselves, and our Nation's ultimate survival.

We have gathered in this movement to declare ourselves. Each of us, one at a time, have made the decision to add our effort to those of the others here. We made this decision as sovereign Americans. We did not wait for a "leader" to tell us what to believe, how to act, or why to fight. Real citizens do not need to be led. In fact, real citizens cannot be led in any direction we have not agreed to tread. We are only compelled by our duty to ourselves and those we love and our God. When we do choose to follow a leader, we do so because they are going our direction and seem able to pick the forks in the road without our help.

This movement is of uncounted millions of separate citizens. The organized groups are very like the community bulletin board in small towns. Tea Party Nation is one growing group and an excellent example. Here we have forums for discussion (led by individual posters), event calendars to announce meetings and gatherings, a chat room for socializing, and moderators to keep us civil. Even the founders of this group remain simply individual members among the 4,000+ citizens. We are each sovereign here too.

We Sovereign Americans fiercely guard our individual rights against anyone's power grab. We see a run away, disconnected, and arrogant Federal Government which has uncloaked a communist agenda to remake America into a land of serfs ruled by an "elite" cabal AND WE REFUSE TO ACCEPT THAT ! They do not recognize the Traditional American citizen, nor do they know our power. The enemy has underestimated the fury of our gathering response and will soon be bewildered by their crushing defeat at our hands. The Spirit of America is the deep determination of Americans to each be sovereign. It is deep within our genes and whether we can spell 'sovereign' or not, WE ARE and we startle the world when we show it.

My sovereignty is in grave danger today. Yours is too. We have been derelict in our duty to demand excellence from those we have elected. We have allowed bad actors to become entrenched in OUR hallowed halls in Washington, D.C. and our state capitals and dictate to US. Now we face a crisis for ourselves and our families. Now we have to make sure that all of our friends and fellow citizens rise with us to retake our own sovereignty. Time is short and the need is great. We do, as sovereign individuals, have the power we need. We do have the courage to protect ourselves and our families. I am certain of that fact. The question is: Will we allow ourselves to hesitate? NOW is the time to select our priorities, align our sights with our fellow citizens, and retake our sovereign status. Right now is that time. Each of us has the absolute right to choose our course for ourselves. Choose well fellow citizens. Choose NOW !

I wrote this a year ago but it is important now. Your comments please.
We ARE the Traditional Americans !

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Understanding This Movement

"The Silent Majority", "Regular Americans", "The common Man", are all
terms for the amorphous mass of folks the media has struggled to either
identify or demean, depending on their bias. None of these nor
Traditional Americans are particularly loyal to a political party. All
of these folks are wanted as voters by both major parties. Americans are
a unique people. We have no history of rulers. We have NEVER been

Traditional Americans have always been the majority in America. We are
the ones who are proud of being Americans and proud of OUR Nation. We
march to our own drummers. We make up our own minds. We believe that the
Constitution of The United States OF America and our Founding
documents, including The Federalist papers and the Declaration of
Independence, make up the finest blueprint for the governance of a
people in the history of nations.

We require that the Federal Government be limited to its boundaries of
power as stipulated in the Constitution. We also require that spending
for plans and programs that are beyond the limits of the allowed powers
be immediately reduced and then stopped. We DEMAND that OUR
representatives in Congress and the White House listen carefully to our
demands, obey our instructions, and return the power to WE THE PEOPLE
immediately !

Traditional Americans are the citizens who have always come to America's
call, in war or domestic disaster. From the founding of this Nation,
patriots and their families have always recognized the threat earliest,
stood to the fight first, and hoped that the stay at home citizens who
believed the same would arise. NOW we are threatened by an internal
threat to the very foundations of this Nation. GOD made the democrats
and leftist fellow travelers cast off their stealth disguises around
their agenda and parade it in the light. They did this for the very
first time in early 2009 and the reaction was this uprising of
Traditional Americans.

NOW we are gathered here and on similar sites all over America to find
the most effective means of defeating this threat. Our progress is
startling to all those who hoped we would continue in our disengagement.
That is what we had always done since the 60s while this threat built.
Our culture is threatened. Our Nation is in danger. Our children and
grandchildren are being indebted. All we have to do is nothing and
America will cease to be the greatest Nation in the History of man. We
will be ruled like all the rest.

The American Spirit is within every Traditional American heart. There is
one cardinal trait that we all have. These domestic enemies will learn
what foreign enemies have learned. WE are Americans.... Traditional
Americans.... and WE will NOT be RULED !!

Friday, April 30, 2010

Let's be clear....OUR demands are simple but non-negotiable

This movement is comprised of Americans from every age group and occupation. We want a change in direction and motivation from OUR representatives in the Federal Government. We want a return to constitutionally limited government and honest representation from every elected official. We want THEM to listen to US

Regardless of our pet issues and priorities, our demands are the result of our status as free Americans. WE will NOT be RULED ! The self-important wizards in Washington DC better hear us or we will fire every one of them in the next two elections.

Traditional Americans know the truth of our history. We know the strength of our Founding Documents which codify the finest form of government ever devised. We have shirked our duty as citizens for many decades, foolishly trusting those we elected to do OUR business well.

Our opponents arrogantly parade their agenda in our faces now, believing their lies and stale economic failures can be forced upon us. We have risen from our homes to reject them and their allies in the lamestream media. WE will NOT be RULED !!

We ARE The Traditional American Movement

We are the Tea Partiers, the 912ers, the Freshman Fifty, the Patriots, the Gun Rights, the Oath Keepers, the Christians, The NRA, the NGOA, etc, etc, etc., and all of us are true CITIZENS of America. We believe that the Founding Principles of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence and all of America’s other honored traditions are in danger of being lost and WE WILL NOT ALLOW THAT.

We will not be ruled. We will not be usurped. WE are sovereign individuals and demand our rights which are our freedoms from tyrannical government. We speak in many voices, each singing our own part of the chorus, and each following our own melody. We are all united in a single song of praise to the greatest Nation in the history of Man and we will not allow any substitutes.

To accomplish our missions we must find a way to a common theme that no one can misinterpret, that no enemy can ignore. We must awaken the citizens who are still on the sidelines, wondering what we are saying. They are finally alert and paying attention so now we must speak clearly with a voice that they can understand without confusion and agree to join for the good of all of our children. We are the Traditional Americans.

We are what we once were. We have our families which we cherish, our rights to our own choices, free of interference from the rule of others we disagree with and fierce in our stance in defense of our God given rights. We see the agenda of the communists and globalists, blatantly displayed for the first time, and we stand in full opposition to it.

AND ….. we outnumber them. Our weapons are Truth and Honest Action. We are the Traditional Americans that free men and those who want to be free admire and appeal to when they are threatened with tyrants. We will defeat our own would be tyrants beginning now. STAND TOGETHER! WE will NOT be RULED !!

What is a Traditional American ?

When I was growing up I was a 'normal' American. Everyone I knew and every person society admired loved America and was proud of being an American. We knew that our representatives, for the most part, did as we directed, kept taxes low, respected and loved God, Motherhood, and baseball. We all knew the words and meaning behind our National Anthem and the Pledge of Allegiance. We were Americans.

About the time I graduated from high school, and after that fat ugly guy beat the UN podium with his cheap shoe, the hippies appeared to declare the "establishment " so "over". The stolid old-fashioned traditions of Christian morals , Right and Wrong, and National pride, held by "conservatives" were disdained by the 'flower children'. I enlisted for War, they marched in the streets against us. Now I was a war-mongering, xenophobe, and a prejudiced, narrow-minded "conservative. The protesters were "Liberals"

As the hippies went from the streets to the faculties, from the faculties to the LSM, and the demorat party, I remained a "conservative". Now I was told that I was among the abnormal fringe, right-wing. Part of a much maligned bunch of flag-waving Patriots of a bygone age. So Over. The odd thing was that I hadn't changed my views or ideals since back when I was a "normal" American.

I still believed that America, as I knew her, is the greatest Nation in the history of man. I still believed in God and Judeo-Christian morality, in the absolute value of the nuclear, hetero-sexual family. Anyone who argued against America in my presence still had a fight on their hands with an opponent who never learned to quit.

I recognized years ago that too many good American citizens had disengaged from their duty as citizens. Too many were willing to ignore the tyranny of the ever expanding government in the hands of self-serving politicians. I didn't have a voice that reached beyond my friends and associates and felt powerless. The new media changed that for all of us. We have no more excuses. We must rise to our duty as citizens and fight for this Nation here at home.

I call myself a Traditional American so that others can recognize me as a citizen who believes in America's founding principles, our Traditions as Americans. I have found that this label does not recall the media applied stigmas that have become attached to all of us "conservatives". Am I also a "Conservative" ? Of course I am and anyone who enters a conversation about the state of our Nation for more than one sentence knows that immediately. The neat thing is that they are still making conversation instead of drawing preconceived conclusions.

We are called to our duty as citizens to awaken our fellow Americans, enlist them in this fight, and raise the strongest voice heard in 233 years for the Real Americans to stand to the line and never yield our place until Victory is etched in the granite of the heart of OUR Nation once again. Fight hard, never falter. WE will NOT be RULED !!