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The Sovereign American

The Sovereign American

PostAuthor: hoodoo » Sun Feb 27, 2011 6:12 pm

One Citizen, standing beside another, who is standing beside another..... and a Nation built upon their concerted wishes, according to all of their combined and compromised demands, as represented by those they elect to represent them: This is America as it was designed.

There is no other Nation, in the history of Man, built and maintained on this thought. The Sovereignty of the Individual Citizen, is the true foundation of this republic.

The Sovereign American is still unique. We Americans declared that our individual liberty AND individual power to exercise our personal choices in life are both supreme over any other power, including any level of government or person we put in power.

Our Founding Fathers declared our individual sovereignty at the very birth of America. Maintaining this individual freedom is the duty of each citizen. How well we keep our claim will determine the viability of America as the greatest Nation in the history of Man.

A sovereign citizen must defend his or her own sovereignty by his or her individual actions. We cannot delegate this unique responsibility. We cannot ask others to keep our personal freedom for us. We must each do this for ourselves by gathering with like minded citizens and making our demands clear to our representatives anytime we see a threat. If we fail in this duty, the result can be devastating to our freedom, our liberty to choose for ourselves, and our Nation's ultimate survival.

We have gathered in this movement to declare ourselves. Each of us, one at a time, have made the decision to add our effort to those of the others here. We made this decision as sovereign Americans. We did not wait for a "leader" to tell us what to believe, how to act, or why to fight. Real citizens do not need to be led. In fact, real citizens cannot be led in any direction we have not agreed to tread. We are only compelled by our duty to ourselves and those we love and our God. When we do choose to follow a leader, we do so because they are going our direction and seem able to pick the forks in the road without our help.

This movement is of uncounted millions of separate citizens. The organized groups are very like the community bulletin board in small towns. Tea Party Nation is one growing group and an excellent example. Here we have forums for discussion (led by individual posters), event calendars to announce meetings and gatherings, a chat room for socializing, and moderators to keep us civil. Even the founders of this group remain simply individual members among the 4,000+ citizens. We are each sovereign here too.

We Sovereign Americans fiercely guard our individual rights against anyone's power grab. We see a run away, disconnected, and arrogant Federal Government which has uncloaked a communist agenda to remake America into a land of serfs ruled by an "elite" cabal AND WE REFUSE TO ACCEPT THAT ! They do not recognize the Traditional American citizen, nor do they know our power. The enemy has underestimated the fury of our gathering response and will soon be bewildered by their crushing defeat at our hands. The Spirit of America is the deep determination of Americans to each be sovereign. It is deep within our genes and whether we can spell 'sovereign' or not, WE ARE and we startle the world when we show it.

My sovereignty is in grave danger today. Yours is too. We have been derelict in our duty to demand excellence from those we have elected. We have allowed bad actors to become entrenched in OUR hallowed halls in Washington, D.C. and our state capitals and dictate to US. Now we face a crisis for ourselves and our families. Now we have to make sure that all of our friends and fellow citizens rise with us to retake our own sovereignty. Time is short and the need is great. We do, as sovereign individuals, have the power we need. We do have the courage to protect ourselves and our families. I am certain of that fact. The question is: Will we allow ourselves to hesitate? NOW is the time to select our priorities, align our sights with our fellow citizens, and retake our sovereign status. Right now is that time. Each of us has the absolute right to choose our course for ourselves. Choose well fellow citizens. Choose NOW !

I wrote this a year ago but it is important now. Your comments please.
We ARE the Traditional Americans !

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  1. Hi, I am getting ready to renounce my US citizenship and declare myself a Free Prople, an Inhabitant of the independent State of Colorado. I've been reading the US Code, and let me tell you it is over 370 volumes worth of lies, mostly, there is some truth but it is hard to find. A sovereign is a "foreign state" according to the US Code. I'd like to get your opinion on several things if possible, my email is and my youtube channel is donotconsent83,
    thanks, Tom